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        3D Illuminated Channel Letters are an ideal choice for high profile signage applications.
Every set of channel letters is custom designed and manufactured to compliment the building’s existing architecture, the light source we use led now only.
Our masterful creation in 3D channel letters signs will transform your front store!
We'll help you brighten gloomy corners, and create the inviting illusion of space and light!

        Being in business for over 25 years, we fully understand the difficulties of creating a sign to the satisfaction of yourself and the client. In all this time, we tried to improve methods of creativity and production. All in all, channel letters were our strong point. We realized that illuminated the letters from front and side could be a great improvement over the conventional letters (front only illuminated). We thought it was a worthwhile idea to pursue.
After a lot of research and many trials and errors, we realized that creating a poly-carbonate profile would accomplish our desired expectation.
Saying all this, we introduce the new style 3D channel letters.

        The difference between new style 3 dimensional channel letters and conventional channel letters is that the conventional channels letters are made with a aluminum can, which makes the side opaque. The 3D channel letters are illuminated, both in front and sides.

The can around the letters that sustains the back and the front of the letters is made out of poly-carbonate, heat and cold resistant (+ 240 Fahrenheit heat to – 40 degrees Fahrenheit). It is UV protected, comes in different colors, all translucent, that gives you the possibility of increasing the visual of a sign installed on a building (it gives you a better an angle vision of 35-45%). Also, gives you the possibility of mixing and matching the front and side colors to your wish, to create a more artistic sign.
Also, applying the vinyl on the face, giving an outline, becomes a third color on the channel letter make-up, leaving room for imaginative people, to create their desired sign.
For now, we offer 10 different colors, the only non-translucent being black.


        You can add a touch of brilliance to your decor with the sparkling beauty of our decorative signs & awnings. Ideal for every business the versatility of our products offers unlimited potential for creative outdoor sign design. We also carry extensive line of neon signs and channel letters that will maximize your street visibility with compact efficiency.

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About the Signs



– the sign is completely white poly-carbonate, Plexiglas in the front; That gives you a possibility to illuminate the letters completely white, put in multicolored LED and create the colors of your choice.

Channel Letters Store - Eztak


Romanian Garden

– simple sign, white Plexiglas with green polycarbonate can. This shows how important it is to choose the right colors in combination of two (contrast colors work best)

Channel Letters Store - Romanian Garden



– white Plexiglas with blue poly-carbonate can, another example of two colors working together for illumination

Channel Letters Store - GasTrac


Flex A Trim

- Face is white, blue siding, the A is white and red. Using vinyl, leaving a white outline, shows the possibility of 3 colors arrangement

Channel Letters Store - Flex A Trim


The Candy Store

– other example of 3 colors arrangement

Channel Letters Store - The Candy Store



- blue face, blue side

Channel Letters Store - RIA