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Channel Letters between $6 and $10 per upper inch.

     3D Illuminated Channel Letters are an ideal choice for high profile signage applications. Every set of channel letters is custom designed and manufactured to compliment the building's existing architecture, the light source we use led now only. Our masterful creation in 3D channel letters signs will transform your front store! We'll help you brighten gloomy corners, and create the inviting illusion of space and light!

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    Being in business for over 25 years, we fully understand the difficulties of creating a sign to the satisfaction of yourself and the client. In all this time, we tried to improve methods of creativity and production. All in all, channel letters were our strong point. We realized that illuminated the letters from front and side could be a great improvement over the conventional letters (front only illuminated). We thought it was a worthwhile idea to pursue.

    After a lot of research and many trials and errors, we realized that creating a poly-carbonate profile would accomplish our desired expectation. read more..